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One Substance, Many Forms

As the same sugar is made into various figures of birds and beasts, so one sweet Mother Divine is worshiped in various times and places under various names and forms. Different creeds are simply different paths to reach the Almighty.

As the same gold is made into various ornaments, having different forms and names, so one God is worshiped in different countries and ages, and has different forms and names. Though He may be worshiped variously, some calling him Father, others Mother, etc., yet it is one God that is being worshiped in all these various relations and modes.

In a potter's shop there are vessels of different shapes and forms--pots, jars, dishes, plates, etc.--but all are made of one clay. So God is one, but is worshipped in different times and places under different names and aspects.

God is one, but his aspects are many. One and the same fish may be made to taste differently, according to the different modes of preparing it; so one God is enjoyed in His various aspects by His devotees.


These are actually four sayings put together. The model could be repeated ad infinitum.

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