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Different Qualities of Water

All waters are brooded over by Vishnu, but every kind of water is not fit for drink.

Similarly, though it is true that the Almighty dwells in every place, yet every place is not fit to be visited by man.

As one kind of water may be used for washing our feet, another may serve the purpose of ritual cleansing, and others may be drunk, and still others may not be touched at all; so there are different kinds of places.

We may approach some; we can enter into the inside of others; and others we must avoid, even from a distance.


The name in the first sentence is actually "Narayana," a less familiar but extremely important name of Vishnu. I have used the more familiar name of the supreme god of the Vaishnava tradition here.

The emphasis here is on various places we might go, as in the next saying it will be on the people we associate with.

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